The Soul is a modern bass inspired by the vintage classics of the 60’s and early 70’s. It’s designed for players who want a more traditional sound and feel, but prefer a modern instrument with improved balance, playability and ergonomics.

With an “easy access” bolt-on construction, a solid low B-string and a beautiful even tone across the entire fingerboard, it’s the perfect blend of modern and vintage elements.

Standard features


Alder back with your choice of facing
Black veneer between body and facing
Hand-carved with X-ergo shaping


34” scale
string spacing 4-string: 19mm
string spacing 5-string: 18,5mm
5-piece maple/wenge neck constructed from our own straight-grained, aged neck blanks
2-way, high-quality truss rod
Volute-reinforced angled headstock
Matching headstock and body facings
Rounded fingerboard with frets dressed inside the edges for a smooth, worn-in feel
Rosewood fingerboard
Inlaid edge markers

Pickups & Hardware

2 Jazz Bass pickups with traditional black covers
Hipshot A-style, 3-way-adjustable bridge
Hipshot Ultralite Tuning Machines
Schaller Security Locks
Catalyzed oil finish
Hard case included
Warranty, tools and certificate included

Additional information


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Sound samples

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The woods

The woods

To capture the essence of the vintage sound, we selected mostly traditional woods, like the lightweight alder or swamp ash for the body and maple for the neck.

For the fingerboard, you can choose between maple and ziricote. Maple, the more traditional wood of the two, is brighter-sounding and has pronounced high mids. Ziricote, on the other hand, has a warmer sound with a sweeter high end, very similar to the now-endangered rosewood.

The red alder produces a nice punch and is an excellent, all-round, vintage-sounding body wood, while the swamp ash is somewhat brighter, with a slightly deeper low end. The swamp ash also adds a certain “pop” to the notes for a great slap tone.

The main neck wood is straight-grained hard maple, augmented by two wenge laminates for extra stiffness and more low mids – the perfect combination for the Soul!

This tried-and-true combination of woods forms the basis of the Soul and provides for a classic, full and warm tone with the ability to cut through a dense mix.

The Design

The Design

Based on the Saturn design, the Soul shares the same bolt-on neck construction, which contributes to its “vintage” tone. Attached with five strategically placed screws, it is tight-fitting and has improved strength and stability. The heel is comfortably shaped, giving the player easy access all the way up to the top fret. The modern design of the Saturn in combination with the vintage-sounding woods gives you the best of both worlds.

The Soul also features our X-ergo shaping, an ergonomic carved back that fits perfectly to your body and enhances stability and balance. Consequently, the Soul stays in your favorite playing position, even if you let go of it with both hands, giving you the freedom to express yourself. You can read more about the ergonomics here.

Thanks to its ergonomic design and the choice of woods, the Soul very lightweight. A five-string version weighs in at an average of 3.5kg or 7.7lbs. Despite its light weight, the Soul is perfectly balanced, without the “neck dive” many vintage basses are known for.

Pickups & Electronics

Pickups & Electronics

The Soul features a sonically matching pair of Jazz Bass pickups positioned in a ‘60s-style configuration. You can choose between three types of Jazz Bass pickups:

  1. Traditional single-coil Jazz Bass pickups wired to vintage ‘60s specs, providing an authentic vintage tone
  2. Humbucking Jazz Bass pickups with a very similar sound to the single coils, but with a slightly more modern character
  3. Jazz Bass pickups with angled pole pieces, adding more warmth and low end for a “Jazz Bass on steroids” sound

For the electronics, you can choose between passive controls with volume, blend and tone or add active controls or a three-band Glockenklang or Noll preamp. Both preamps include an active/passive switch and enable you to dial in the right sound for any room or situation.