Concept Line

In designing our Concept bass line, we have drawn upon our two decades of experience in building the finest custom-tailored instruments. Each Concept bass is designed from the ground up, combining the perfect mix of ingredients. In this way, we are able to achieve the desired playability and sonic performance for a particular type of player or genre of music.

The Concept bass design process involves years of research and development, aided by feedback from pro players who continuously test the prototypes in the studio and on tour. This makes the Concept basses the most tried-and-tested, refined instruments we offer.

Our Concept instruments are based on the designs in our Custom line. Consequently, there is no difference in the quality, dimensions or building process. However, because there are fewer options to choose from, we are able to pre-manufacture certain parts – such as knobs, truss-rod covers and control cavity covers – in larger quantities, and also stock up on woods. This standardized approach allows us to offer our Concept basses at a slightly lower price.