For two decades, Adamovic Basses has been a market leader in extraordinary ergonomic bass designs. All of our models are designed with a strong focus on ergonomics. The goal for each of our bass models is to achieve a great-sounding instrument with perfect balance, maximum support for the body, and ease and freedom of movement, so the player is able to express themself without compromise.

Most bassists are unaware of the extent to which they exert their muscles in order to hold their bass in position while playing, as this is something we all do unconsciously. Nevertheless, this does slow down your playing, makes you tire quicker, causes cramp, and is a major contributing factor to injuries. It also prevents you from expressing yourself to your full potential.

When you strap on an Adamovic bass for the first time, you will immediately feel the difference.

In addition to being well-balanced, i.e. not neck-heavy, our basses feature the unique X-ergo carved back, a concave carved back of the body that fits perfectly to your body and enhances stability and balance. The x-ergo shaping also brings your right hand closer to your body for increased comfort, and makes the bass stay in your favorite playing position, even if you let go of it with both hands. This means the bass does not move in any direction without you wanting it to – like it is molded to your body!

This not only enables you to play faster with less effort; it also enables you to play for longer without fatigue. Consequently, the risk of injury is also reduced significantly. In this way, you avoid exerting your muscles unnecessarily. Instead, you use your muscles solely to play music.

Express yourself without limitation!

Our designs have many features that optimize their ergonomics when compared to other instruments. Amongst other things, we have brought the nut closer to the body so the player does not need to reach as far with their fretting hand. This in turn reduces fatigue. Many of our customers comment that our 35” scale basses feel like they are 34”or even 33”!

The bodies of our basses are also thinner than those of many other manufacturers, often smaller, and more rounded over. In addition, the hardware is lighter. On average, our five-string, solid-bodied basses weigh only 3.7kg (approximately 8.1lbs).

Even our strap buttons are not placed in the conventional position, but in a position that supports the bass better and distributes the weight.

The ergonomic qualities of our designs mean that we have many customers who suffer from injuries like RSI, tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. We use the knowledge we acquire to continuously update and enhance our designs.

In the video dr. Randal Kertz talking about how our ergonomic designs help the player to avoid injuries. Dr. Kertz is a renowned Chiropracter specializing in helping musicians and in particularly bassists and writer of the book “The Bassist’s Guide to Injury Management, Prevention and Better Health”.

These features have been honed over a period of two decades in line with our aim of making our basses lighter and more comfortable to play without compromising on tone or sustain. After all, the sound is always the most important feature of an instrument.

Our philosophy has always been to incorporate these ergonomic innovations into “familiar-shaped” instruments. In other words, you cannot tell our basses are ergonomically designed simply by looking at them. It is much easier to produce highly ergonomic lightweight basses with radical body shapes, but we set out to do things differently!

This will be the first bass you forget to put down during a break!