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Basic price

Basic price includes the following features

Alder back with your choice of facing
Black veneer between body and facing
Hand-carved with X-ergo shaping
34” scale
5-piece maple/wenge neck constructed from our own straight-grained, aged neck blanks
2-way, high-quality truss rod
Volute-reinforced angled headstock
Matching headstock and body facings
Rounded fingerboard with frets dressed inside the edges for a smooth, worn-in feel
Maple or ziricote fingerboard
Inlaid edge markers or block inlays
Pickups & Hardware
2 Jazz Bass pickups with traditional black covers
Hipshot A-style, 3-way-adjustable bridge
Hipshot Ultralite Tuning Machines
Schaller Security Locks
Catalyzed oil finish
Hard case included
Warranty, tools and certificate included
string spacing 4-string: 19mm
string spacing 5-string: 18,5mm

Custom options

Fingerboard wood options

The Indian rosewood is the best choice if you are looking for a traditional, warm sound and fast response. Perfectly in balance with the other wood options for the Soul.
The maple fingerboard is brighter sounding with an emphasis on the high mids (we add a black veneer between maple fingerboard and neck to match the veneer on the body and headstock).
The ziricote has the warmest, mellowest sound with a sweet, compressed treble end.

Custom options


If you select block inlays there will be side dots included: White dots in case of ziricote or rosewood and black dots in case of maple fingerboard.
Please send us an e-mail if you would like help with the inlay possibilities.

Custom options

Body wood options

Alder has a nice low mid punch and is an excellent, all-round, vintage-sounding body wood
Swamp ash is somewhat brighter, with a slightly deeper low end. The swamp ash also adds a certain “pop” to the notes for a great slap tone.

Custom options

Top wood options

The top woods are just examples and the actual price will depend on the piece you select for your bass. We have over 300 tops and 40 species in stock to choose from. They have a price range between €0,- for our standard tops, to €750,- for the rearest, exhibition grade tops. Once you submit your order we will send you pictures and you will be able to hand pick the top that will be used for your bass.

Custom options

Hardening and coloring top wood options

The hardening and coloring are for the top wood and matching headstock veneer only. The basses are finished with our catalyzed oil finish catalized oil
Not every wood can be hardened. If strong, bright colors are desired, the best result produce softer, light colored woods like maple and poplar. Please inform about the possibilities. You can read more about our hardening process here.

Custom options

Pickguard options

Handmade fully wooden pick-guard made of three layers to maximize the stability and minimize the chance of cracking. Each pick-guard is made on order to match the fingerboard.

Custom options


The 3 knob option is for passive electronics while the 5 knob option is for active electronics.

Custom options


Please click here for more info about the pick-ups.

Custom options


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