Adamovic Ju4 quilted maple top

The bass is in a very good shape considering it is 6 years old. This bass has been played extensively and has some minor wear and there are a few small dents on the back of the body.
The bass is offered through our “Premium selection” used bass program. This means that this previously owned bass is thoroughly examined, restored, restrung and reconditioned to factory specs. This instrument is guaranteed to be 100% functional and has a 2 year limited warranty.

This bass has a custom Noll preamp with: Volume, Blend, Bass, Treble and passive tone. Also a push/Pull active/Passive mode, series/parallel/singlecoil switch for the bridge pick-up and a bass on/off switch. If desired we can change the preamp to a Noll 3-band, East or Glockenklang and setup the bass to your specifications.


Year of birth
• 2009
• 2-piece Abachi
• purpleheart veneer
• 5A quilted maple top
• 5 piece neck from straight grained aged neck blanks
• Maple / Purpleheart
• Two way quality truss rod
• Angled headstock strengthened with a volute
• Matching wood headstock plate
• Stabilized 5A birdseye maple fingerboard
  • Lightweight: 3kg / 6.6LBS
  • X-ergo carved back shaping
• 34"
• 19mm @ bridge
  • 40mm neck width @ nut
• Bridge: Double jazz, Neck: Jazz
• Stabilized birdseye maple
• Hipshot A-style bridge
  • Series/singlecoil/parallel switch for bridge pick-up
• Hipshot ultralite tuners
• Schaller security Locks
• Birdseye/purpleheart knobs
• Gloss finished top / satin back
•Hardshell case
• 2600,- euro