Catalyzed oil finish

Oil finish is our standard finish. It is a special in house developed catalyzed oil blend witch preserves the wood and gives it the perfect protection against moisture and stains. Our oil blend has the characteristic to penetrate in the wood and to harden to a natural tough solid polymer and to make the surface of the wood harder and more wear resistant. We believe this can be the nicest looking finish for most hard woods. It gives the wood a very natural feel and look. The durability of the instrument depends on the wood itself, so softer woods tend to wear easier. The nice feature of oiled basses is that after some time the scratches kind of blend out by constant contact with your clothes and hands.

You can choose for shellac (French polish). It is a natural, thin, high gloss finish that makes the color of the wood pop up beautifully. Shellac is applied by hand, called French polishing, and is very labor intensive.

This finish is not as tough as most modern finishes but it has many advantages. The biggest would be that it is very easy to touch up and repair. If the instrument is taken care of the instrument can survive centuries. Most classical instruments (violins, cello's etc.) are finished with shellac and some violins are many centuries old and still look very nice. it has the perfect flexibility for the vibrations of acoustic tops. It can be applied in a very thin layer and does not affect the sound of the wood like many stiff and tough modern finishes can do. Therefore it is still today the best finish for acoustic instruments.
Satin finish

Our thin polyurethane finish is a very thin, satin hard finish. We do not use grain fillers or thick base coats and you are still able to see and feel the wood grain, this results in a very natural look while giving a good mechanical protection.

Color stained

We can stain the wood with a color. Please send us an e-mail if you would like to know more about the possibilities.