King Solomon

With the first private collection bass we wanted to use one of our favorite woods: Solomon padouk. We chose some beautiful beeswing figured Solomon padouk for the body and neck and coupled it to an exhibition grade 30+ year old Amboyna top. The fingerboard is a 20+ year old perfectly quarter sawn macassar ebony. All from our private collection. Wenge and African padouk were added to the neck for stability and tone.

The King Solomon is due to the rare woods limited to only two pieces.

The woods

- Exhibition grade 30+ year old amboyna burl from our private collection
- Perfectly quertersawn 20+ year old private collection Macassar ebony.
- Private collection beeswing figured Solomon padouk body and neck
- Wenge and African padouk neck laminates


Between the body and top we have added wenge and Solomon padouk veneers that accentuate the body's contour resembling a body binding. This line is followed in the fingerboard with the wenge Solomon padouk binding and finished by the wenge veneer under the matching headstock.

The Pickups and knobs match the body top and are laminated on wenge en Solomon padouk to match the rest of the bass.

Pick-ups and electronics

We wanted to offer an all-round bass with a wide range of sounds. The King Solomon has two bassbars and in combination with the woods they produce a clean high end, growling mids and deep powerful low end. The pick-ups are married to a Glockenklang preamp which expands the tonal possibilities while keeping the character of the passive sound. This bass has a lot of vintage charm and cuts well trough the mix.

The King Solomon was reviewed by the German Bass Quarterly