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Basic price includes the following features

Mahogany hollow body
Mahogahy back with maple veneer neck
Fretless fingerboard
33″scale length
String spacing at bridge 4-string: 19 mm
String spacing at bridge 5-string: 18,5 mm
String spacing at bridge 6-string: 18 mm
5 piece neck from straight grained aged neck blanks
European Maple, mahogany and hard maple neck
Two way quality truss rod
Angled headstock strengthened with a volute
Matching wood headstock plate
white sidedots
Adamovic basbars pair
Pick-up covers matching to fingerboard wood
Series / single coil / parallel switch for each pick-up
Wooden bridge stringed trough body
High quality Hipshot ultralite tuners
Schaller security Locks

Custom options

Wood options

The Hollow33 will, unless specified otherwise by the customer, be equipped with La Bella Black Nylon Tape Wound strings as it was designed with these strings in mind. We recommend using flatwound strings, the La Bella Black Nylon Tape Wound or similar strings. If you desire to use roundwound strings we recommend not to choose pau ferro as the roundwounds will eat in to the softer pau ferro more quickly.

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Inlay options

Custom options

Body options

Instead of the mahogany back plate you can choose the back plate to match the top plate of the body. The back plate is priced as the top plate above.
Once you submit your order we will send you pictures and you will be able to hand pick the top that will be used for your bass.

Custom options


Custom options

Bridge options

The solid bridge has a more natural, woody sound with an increased acoustic character

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