The Jupiter is especially popular among players who favor a more compact, very lightweight instrument. Its smaller-sized, asymmetrical body is designed for perfect balance, maximum support, and ease and freedom of movement. This also makes the Jupiter the perfect choice for players who have sustained injuries, as explained in further detail below.

Standard features


Your choice of woods for the body
Wooden control cavity cover matching the neck woods
Hand-carved body and X-ergo shaping
5-piece neck constructed from our own straight-grained, aged neck blanks
2-way, high-quality truss rod
Set-in neck
Volute-reinforced angled headstock
Matching headstock and body facings
Your choice from multiple scale length and bridge spacing combinations
24 frets
Your choice of fretted or fretless
Pickups & Hardware
Your choice of pickups and electronics
Hipshot A-style, 3-way-adjustable bridge
Hipshot Ultralite Tuning Machines
Schaller Security Locks
Black hardware
Catalyzed oil finish
Hard case included
Warranty, tools and certificate included

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Sound samples

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Ergonomic design

Ergonomic design

Thanks to its compact body shape, it can be made very lightweight if required, but will still balance well. For instance, we can build a five-string solid-body Jupiter with a weight of less than 3.5kg (7.7lbs), without having to compromise on tone, attack or sustain. The Jupiter is very popular among players who have small hands or have suffered from RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), cramp in their hands, or back pain.

The Jupiter features our X-ergo shaping, an ergonomic carved back that fits perfectly to your body and enhances stability and balance. It stays in your favorite playing position, even if you let go of it with both hands, and the X-ergo shaping brings the strings and your left hand closer to your body for increased comfort.

The Jupiter’s body is thinner than that of many other basses, and is rounded over with a large, 15mm radius. This feels comfortable and eliminates the need for an arm contour, but at the same time helps to reduce the overall weight of the bass and improve its ergonomics. Moreover, our strap buttons are not placed in the conventional position, but in a position that supports the bass better and distributes the weight. By bringing the nut closer to your body, the Halo design makes a 35” scale feel more like a 33” scale.

These features enable you to play faster with less effort, allowing you to play for longer without fatigue.



The singlecut design adds stiffness to the neck, enabling us to build basses with very stiff, fast-responding necks without having to use additional stiffening materials, like graphite.

When a singlecut body is used, the instrument has a shorter neck that can move and vibrate with the string. The different dampening patterns of the neck result in a quicker and more direct sound and improved articulation with piano-like voicing. This makes a singlecut design perfect for fusion, jazz and chordal playing, but also for progressive metal.

Our unique, heel-less singlecut neck joint is designed for pure comfort, as it means that the neck does not get thicker around the body. When playing around the 24th fret, you will not notice you are playing a singlecut bass, because there is no heel or thick, carved-out neck-to-body joint.

Pickups & Electronics

Pickups & Electronics

Our basses come equipped with Haeussel switchable BassBars, which we offer with custom wooden pickup covers as standard.

We also offer a variety of other configurations. These include our RampbarXL – a large, radiused wooden cover housing a pair of BassBars, which also functions as an integrated ramp.

Finally, we offer a range of active preamps built by a variety of manufacturers, allowing you to tailor the tone of your instrument to your requirements.

Hollow body

Hollow body

A significant proportion of the Jupiters we build are hollow-bodied. The body is completely hollow, very similar to that of an acoustic or steel-string guitar. However, instead of having traditionally bent sides, the body is cut out of a solid piece of wood, with sides measuring 5/8” (15mm) in thickness. This enables us to round the edges of the body for a much more comfortable feel.

The top and back are free to resonate, and are designed to minimize feedback and maximize the acoustic sound when the bass is amplified, making this the perfect electric bass with an acoustic vibe. In this respect, the design is again very similar to that of an acoustic or steel-string guitar.

The bridge is only partially supported by the body wood and, in this way, absorbs the vibrations from the string and transfers them to the top and back. When equipped with a wooden bridge, the bass produces a unique, upright-like acoustic sound with long-sustaining notes.



We make custom basses for and with our customers, and each bass is designed to meet the player’s specific needs. Using our extensive option list, you can personalize your Jupiter to your preferred specifications.

We offer a wide range of neck, fingerboard and body woods to allow you to achieve your desired sound, and a variety of scale lengths and string spacings to match your technique. Details like wooden knobs, wooden pickup covers and inlays can be tailored to match your personal style.

Feel free to discuss your wishes with us. We would be happy to guide you through the option list, answer any questions you may have, and advise you on the possible options.