The neck and how it's constructed has a big influence on the sound. Choosing the right material is one of the most important aspects of designing necks. Necks made out of lighter woods tend to sound livelier and more musical but very light weight wood species do not have enough stiffness. If the neck is not stiff enough, the bass will sound dull and dead. For a good sounding neck one has to choose the right wood combination with the perfect stiffness to weight ratio.

Also the length of the neck is important to the stiffness and thus the sound. The bigger the heel, the shorter the part of the neck is that is free to vibrate with the movement of the strings and the stiffer the neck will be. We notice that the sound is more direct and there is an increase in articulation and sustain with our single cut basses.


Wood species tend to get stiffer as they get heavier. At Adamovic we spent years of experimenting to find the right woods and to achieve the perfect stiffness to weight ratio. This led us to the use of less familiar wood species, like Solomon padouk and Guariuba. Solomon padouk has about the same stiffness as hard maple but is 30% lighter and guariuba has about the same weight as hard maple but is 40% stiffer! Necks with these woods produce a very nice lively and musical sound. With the use of heavier and very stiff woods for laminations, like wenge, greenheart and purpleheart, the neck becomes very stiff and stable, not needing any additional stiffening with steel or carbon rods.

Some woods have a high oil and resin content like African padouk (FSC), this usually results in a bit compressed high end and a warm and mellow sound.


Hard Maple -Wenge

The maple neck with wenge stringers is one of our more popular wood combinations. Maple produces a nice, bright, vintage tone but with the added wenge the neck becomes stiffer. Wenge has a very open and punchy tone with an emphasis on the low mids. This is one of our most popular combinations.

This combination has a bright, open and punchy tone.

Hard Maple - Purpleheart

Our maple necks with thin purpleheart stringers are a good choice when you are looking for a more vintage tone. The sound is dominated by the maple and the very stiff purpleheart makes the whole neck a bit stiffer.

This combination has a vintage, open tone.

Ash - Guariuba - Hard maple

This is our most popular combination because of the balanced sound it produces. Warm deep lows, bright midrange and sweet treble. Basses with this neck combination always sit very well in the mix. Can be paired with any fingerboard

This combination has a deep and punchy tone and is well balanced throughout the frequency spectrum.

European Maple - Mahogany - Hard Maple

This neck wood has been designed for our singlecut hollow body and semi acoustic basses. The outside laminates are European maple and they are compared to hard maple (middle laminate) considerably lighter in weight. The khaya, also a light weight neck wood is very stiff for its weight. This combination produces a lightweight and resonant neck.

This combination produces a very woody, natural tone emphasizing the acoustic character of the bass.

African Padouk - Walnut

The biggest part of the neck is made from African padouk (one of the most stable woods). African padouk has a nice smooth feel when oil finished. The Walnut has a very similar grain and feel but is darker in color. This neck wood combination matches sonically very well with harder fingerboard woods like ebony, pau ferro and similar.

This combination has a dark, deep yet clear tone: very warm sound with emphasis on the low end and a compressed high end while never getting muddy

Guariuba - Wenge

Guariuba is the wood with the best stiffness to weight ratio. It is similar in weight to hard maple but is about 40% stiffer!!! It has open pores similar to wenge (but a much smoother feeling), and this combination produces a very warm but clear tone throughout the sound spectrum. It is a perfect combination if paired with a brighter sounding fingerboard wood for a more balanced sound.

This combination has a very warm tone with emphasis on the low end