The Adamovic pick-ups are custom made for us by Harry Haeussel. We have used a lot of different pick-up models from most of the 'high-end' brands in the past and came to the conclusion that the Harry Haeussel pick-ups matched well with our basses and always had the desired sound.
The pick-up covers can be made out of different woods. It can be very effective if the fingerboard, pick-ups, knobs and even the bridge are made of the same wood. The available Adamovic pick-ups are:



These are our favorite pick-ups and are custom made to our specifications. The magnets are the powerful Samarium Cobalt type which attribute to a fat, warm but very clear tone throughout the sound spectrum; From articulate clear lows to singing trebles. You can always cut trough the mix with these pick-ups.

The bassbars are made with 4 coils which means they are silent in both the 'single coil' and the 'humbucking' position.

These babies are favorites for many studio engineers!


The "Rampbar” pick-up is basically two Bassbars built into one big massive cover that functions as a ramp.

The advantage of the rampbar (over a piece of wood between the pick-ups) is that there is a much bigger flat area where you can play over. You do not need to stay in one position and you are free to move your plucking hand more to the bridge or to the neck for subtle tone differences.

I you prefer the old fashion ramp between two pickups; that's also possible!


For the bassists that are seeking for a more traditional tone we offer two types of Jazz pick-ups:

Jazz : For the vintage jazz pick-ups Heaussel uses a special winding technique: random and loose. Alnico5-Magnets and Gauge 42 wire are used. The pick-ups have been submerged in a vacuum wax bath. This results in an authentic tone known from the famous pick-ups from the sixties. Open in the highs, punchy lows and present mids.

Jazz humbucker: The same pick-ups as the Jazz above but with two humbucking coils per pick-up for a silent, noise free signal.