Hipshot Bridges

We use Hipshot A-style bridges for basses. These are high quality and adjustable bridges routed out of one solid high grade piece of aluminum.

They feature a variable string spacing adjustment for fine tuning to your favorite string spacing. They also have the option for thru body stringing.

Wooden bridges

A nice option for fretless basses is our wooden bridge. This is a solid piece of wood with a fixed wooden saddle similar to the steel string guitar. The strings are strung through body. The big string to body contact and lack of moving parts results in a very natural, musical woody tone.

Our wooden bridges can be fitted with an undersaddle (piezzo) pick-up. This can produce a very natural acoustic or upright tone.


For 4 and 5 string basses there is also the possibility for the Hipshot tremolo (vibrato).

The advantage is the possibility to bend strings on your bass like your guitar player can but the disadvantage is the extra time needed changing and tuning the strings


The basses come with the high quality Ultralite tuners made by Hipshot. For their tuners Hipshot uses aluminum which reduces the weight significantly. This results in a better balance.

Contrary to popular belief you don't need to add mass to the headstock to achieve a good sustain if it is a well crafted instrument.

The basses can be equipped with the Hipshot D-tuner. This will bring your E string down to D or your B string down to A with just pull on the lever.


No feature can contribute more to a fast and comfortable feeling neck than good fretwork!

We use medium size quality fret wire. They are hammered in (the best method when done well). After that we seal them, to avoid moisture and sweat getting under the fret. No more problems with loose frets and fret buzz after years of sweat abuse!

The fret ends are rounded and polished for a worn in, fast feel (roll over the picture to see close-up). This is a very time consuming work!


Our favorite nut material is hard wood. For our fretless basses we always use the same wood as the fingerboard for the nut. This gives a very balanced sound. For the fretted instruments we prefer very hard wooden nuts like ebony, zollernia or stabilized wood. A wooden nut gives the instrument a balanced sound between the fretted and the open string notes. Hard wood is harder and longer lasting than bone or graphtech.

Jack input

We use quality side mounted output jacks as our standard options. They are recessed into the body and placed at a place that when playing the cable is not in your way.

Optional Neutrik jack input
As an option we offer the high quality security locking system featuring golden contacts from Neutrik. The locking system is recessed into the body witch results in a clean look. This system locks the cable firmly into the bass and eliminates the possibility of a signal loss when playing by caused by moving, pulling or stepping on your cable.
The cable should always go around your strap even with this system!!!
Black metal knobs are standard (roll over the picture). They are made out of lightweight aluminum and feature an indicator line.

Optional you can choose for wooden knobs. Ebony and rosewood are our standard woods.

For a deluxe look the wooden knobs can be made out of different woods and up to four wood laminations. When using the same woods as on other parts of the bass this can look vey classy.

Truss rod cover

Our truss rod covers are also made out of wood. We use the same wood as the fingerboard or the top.

It's all about the details!