Our goal as luthiers is to design instruments with a perfect sound, great feel and superior ergonomics, using the best components and the best construction methods.

Our philosophy has always been to treat electric basses as acoustic instruments. The construction and the choice of woods should produce the desired tone and the right responsiveness. After that it's all about matching it with the best pick-ups and electronics.


The Feel and ergonomics are a very important factor to the instrument. Not only should the instrument play light and have a good overall access but it should be well balanced and always stay in the desired playing position.

A well designed and balanced instrument will enable you to play long shows without hurting your body and will reduce the chance for RSI significantly. This is the most underestimated aspect in the industry.


Adamovic basses are known for their superior balance and perfect ergonomics. Our comfortably shaped bodies have a big contribution to that feel. Here are some of the reasons why:
- The edges are fully rounded for more comfort.
- Every body shape is designed for superior balance.
- Our bodies are thin and have a smaller shape, it's about reducing weight at the right places.
- Our strap buttons (security Schaller strap locks) are placed in a not traditional place, contributing to a better balanced bass.
X-ergo shaping
The Jupiter and the SuperNova models have a carved back called "X-ergo shaping". The back is carved in such a manner that the bass wraps around your body adding stability and a more comfortable feel. Because of the carved back the instrument stays in the playing position even when you let go both of your arms. You can use all your strength for playing instead of for holding the bass in it's position. The results are: faster hand movement, longer playing time and a reduced chance of injuries.
Single cut

The Eclipse and the Jupiter are singlecut basses. This is not just for pretty looks. The main reason to choose for a singlecut bass is because of the added neck stiffness. Our singlecuts are designed so that the neck is not able to bend where in contact with the body resulting in a stiffer neck. A stiffer neck produces more direct and articulate notes.

The singlecut neck attachment is constructed to have free access to the highest frets. There is no (carved) heel at all and therefore no added thickness under the highest frets. (see the picture above left)


Our basses have standard 5 piece quarter-sawn laminated necks from a choice of hard rock maple, African and Solomon padouk and guariuba. The species have been chosen for their stability, tone and the perfect stiffness to weight ratio. With the use of heavier and very stiff woods for laminations, like wenge, greenheart and purpleheart, the neck becomes very stiff and stable, not needing any additional stiffening with steel or carbon rods.

The 5 piece lamination contributes to a stable neck, perfect for travelling into different climates around world. Our necks are attached at an angle with the body. This results in a more natural and ergonomic feel. Our necks are flat and comfortable shaped.

For our angled headstocks we use two different constructions. Both construction methods are very strong and stiff resulting in minimal loss of tone. The angled headstock also provides an even tension on the different strings.
- The one-piece head stock is cut out of a single piece of laminated wood and has a nice and clean look. To strengthen the headstock a volute is carved under the nut.
- On the wood laminated construction (roll over the picture to see) the weakest point on the headstock (under the nut) is strengthened with multiple veneers. The sides are strengthened with two straight grained blocks.

Ok, it is maybe the least important piece of the construction but we only put our logo on our basses if we are proud of the result.

The Adamovic logo is completely made out of wood and inlayed into the headstock. The logo is cut out of one piece maple with the outer line being only 0.5mm wide (0.02") and is inlayed into one piece wenge. Precisely laser cut to make sure it fits perfectly into the headstock.

Headstocks made of darker woods are inlayed with the reversed logo. In this case the wenge logo is inlayed in maple