Private Collection

We have always a nice collection of selected high grade tone woods in stock and during the last 15 years of carefully collecting the best pieces for our stock we occasionally encountered some really rare and special pieces. This is sometimes wood for tops, fingerboards, necks bodies or details. These exceptional pieces have been set aside for Nikola's private wood collection.

The private collection basses are limited to a small number and our goal here is to create the most beautiful basses using woods from the private wood collection. Whether built to your specification or ours, every Private collection instrument is a great sounding and perfectly playing work of art.

King Solomon

The main wood used for this Halo bass is Solomon padouk joined with exhibition grade Amboina burl top and a perfectly quarter sawn Makassar ebony. Read more...



Back in 2004 we found a stash of old bubinga. We don't exactly know how long ago it was harvested but it turned out to be exhibition grade flamed bubinga. Read more...