Back in 2004 we discovered an old pile of wood all the way in the back of a lumberyard. There were lots of different species mixed and stashed up for more than 25 years and nobody remembered anymore what it all was. All the wood had turned gray and was not recognizable. We spent a whole day looking to find anything usable and just when we were about to give up we discovered a couple of interesting boards. After it was sanded it turned out to be exhibition grade flamed bubinga! We have enough wood to produce 5 basses maximum. Just one or two Phoenix basses will be made each year.

The woods

- Exhibition grade birdseye maple
- 30+ year old, private collection, exhibition grade bubinga fingerboard and
- pick-guard.
- Lightweight swamp ash
- 7 piece flame figured hard maple, 30+ year old flamed bubinga and
- purpleheart neck
- Flamed bubinga sound layer


The headstock veneer, pick-up covers and knobs are made out of the same piece of wood the top and pick-guard came from. The two pick-ups have each a contrasting wooden cover.

The fingerboard has a stabilized maple binding and is divided from the neck wood by a bubinga veneer. The bubinga veneer comes back in the body as the sound layer and between the neck and headstock cap. The nut is also made from stabilized maple.

Pick-ups and electronics

With the Phoenix we wanted to create a powerful, ballsy sounding bass with an exceptional slap sound. We used our trusted bassbars and coupled them to our newly preamp designed for us by John East. Together with the SuperNova construction and the selection of woods it produces a very strong, versatile sounding bass. But this one screams to be slapped and funked!