SuperNova design

The SuperNova is one of our first and one of our most popular bass designs. The bold look with the three-dimensional hand carved body and horns is a real attention seeker. Due to it's radical design most people are surprised how comfortable the SuperNova bass is when they play it for the first time.

The long upper horn and the body shape give this bass a very good balance when strapped on and standing up but also while sitting down with the bass in your lap. The radical design and the slim body invites you to choose from a number of different woods and color combinations to create your own personal version both tonally as visually.

X-ergo carved back

The X-ergo shaping is an ergonomic carved back that ads even more stability and balance and makes the bass stay in your favorite playing position even if you let go of both of your hands. It also brings the strings and the right hand closer to the body for a more comfortable feeling.

Carved top

A popular option on the SuperNova is the Carved top. This leaves together with the X-ergo carving on the back no flat surfaces on the bass which gives the bass not only a very organic look but also a comfortable feel.

Wooden Pick-guard

You can choose a wooden pick-guard for the SuperNova. The pick-guard is made out of real wood laminates. You may choose many different wood species. It is a real nice look when the pick-guard wood is matched with the fingerboard or pick-up woods.

The pick-guard does not just look nice but it also brings the strings closer to the body. Some people are used to the specific distance between a string and the pick-guard. The pick-gard also enables the body to be thinner and therefore to choose heavier body woods.


The Hipshot tremolo is also a nice option on the SuperNova. It is available for 4 and 5 string basses.

Please use the Pricing page to view the SuperNova gallery and pricelist.