Jupiter design

The Jupiter has a smaller body and is especially popular among players who prefer a more compact instrument. The compact asymmetrical body design of the Jupiter contributes to a light weight bass, designed for perfect balance, maximum support for your body and ease and freedom of movement.

The bridge is placed as far as possible to the back which brings the nut and the lowest frets as close to the player as possible. This way the player does not have to reach as far with his fretting hand.

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X-ergo carved back

The X-ergo shaping is an ergonomic carved back that ads even more stability and balance and makes the bass stay in your favorite playing position even if you let go of both of your hands. It also brings the strings and the right hand closer to the body for a more comfortable feeling

Neck accessibility

Our unique heel-less singlecut neck attachment is designed for pure comfort. The heel-less attachment means that the neck does not get thicker around the body. When playing around the 24th fret you will not notice you are playing a singlecut bass, because there is no heel or thick carved out body.

Hollow body

The Jupiter is also available with the hollow body design. This design is a true acoustic body design. The center of the body is completely routed out; leaving only about 1cm (3/8") thick sides. The top and back are free to resonate and are tuned to minimize the feedback and maximize the acoustic sound when amplified, making this the perfect electric bass with an acoustic vibe.

Compact design

The compact Jupiter design makes it possible to produce a light weight bass while maintaining a good balance. If requested we can make a 5-string Jupiter under 3,5kg (7.7lbs) while still having the right tone, amount of attack and sustain.

The Jupiter is very popular with players who have to play long shows or had suffered from RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), cramps in their hands or back pain.

Most people are not so much concerned about weight and balance, and therefore most importantly; the Jupiter sounds and plays great!