Halo design

Our 5 year quest to build the best singlecut bass possible resulted in the Halo. Designed for the professional, the Halo is the ultimate in ergonomics, playability and tone. The responsiveness of the Halo is second to none and enables the professional bass player to express himself without compromises.

Singlecut design

The singlecut design adds stiffness to the neck and makes it possible to build very stiff, fast responding necks without having to use other stiffening materials like graphite.

The Halo has a hand carved, medium sized asymmetrical body designed for perfect balance, maximum support for your body and ease and freedom of movement whether playing in a sitting or standing position.

X-ergo carved back

The X-ergo shaping is an ergonomic carved back that adds to stability and balance and makes the bass stay in your favorite playing position even if you let go of both of your hands. It also brings the strings and the right hand closer to the body for a more comfortable feeling

Neck accessibility

Our unique heel-less singlecut neck attachment is designed for pure comfort. The heel-less attachment means that the neck does not get thicker around the body. When playing around the 24th fret you will not notice you are playing a singlecut bass, because there is no heel or thick carved out neck to body joint.


The Halo is available in 5 and 6 string configurations. We offer a variety of different options to match your individual technique, tone preference and sense of style.

Please go to the pricing page to access more information about the Halo standard features and our options list. Start creating your unique single cutaway instrument by contacting us to discuss the possibilities!