Eclipse design

Even though the fingerboard and neck are longer, the bass is designed to be in perfect balance when strapped on, giving your fretting hand a total freedom of movement. The lower horn has been designed to give you comfortable access to the highest frets as well as a superb balance when sitting down with your bass on your lap. Although the neck is longer the Single cut design stiffens the neck up to the 12th fret resulting in a stiffer neck which makes it possible to accommodate very low action.

The Ec36 has an elongated fingerboard with 36 fret positions (three octaves per string). The elongated fingerboard has been designed for the fretless bassist where the longer fingerboard functions as a “ramp” for that "fingerboard under the string" feel of an upright. It gives a better right hand control and more righthand placement options.

Available only as a fretless.


The Ec30 body shape is the same as the EC36 and has an elongated fingerboard with 30 fret positions. The shorter fingerboard compared to the EC36 makes it possible to install our rampbar pick-up. The 30 fret positions give the player more possibilities in the upper register while expanding the tonal possibilities with the rampbar pick-ups system.

Available both in fretted and fretless.


The Ec28 body is shaped a little bit different around the lower horn to enable a shorter 28 fret position fingerboard. The shorter fingerboard gives a little bit more room between the pick-up and the neck for different techniques (slapping and popping). The 28 fret positions make it also possible to use different pick-up placements.

Available both in fretted and fretless.

heel-less neck

Our unique heel-less singlecut neck attachment is designed for pure comfort. The heel-less attachment means that the neck does not get thicker around the body. When playing around the 24th fret you will not notice you are playing a singlecut bass, because there is no heel or thick carved out body.

Hollow body

The Jupiter is also available with the hollow body design. This design is a true acoustic body design. The centre of the body is completely routed out; leaving only about 1cm (3/8") thick sides. The top and back are free to resonate and are tuned to minimize the feedback and maximize the acoustic sound when amplified, making this the perfect electric bass with an acoustic vibe.

Multi-string basses

Although it is only a medium sized bass it is constructed to accommodate long scales and multiple strings. Even 7 and 8 string basses and 36" scale are possible without having to alter the body shape.

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