We are proud to introduce The Dark, the first of a series of concept basses. The Dark was designed to be a versatile bass while having its own unique voicing. For The Dark we chose a combination of African padouk, walnut and ebony. This combination produces a warm, growly, dark sound but with very articulate clear notes that will cut through any mix. The Dark will feel right at home whether you play in a band setting, the studio or doing a solo performance.

The Dark standard features:
Figured walnut top
African padouk sound layer
2-piece walnut body
X-ergo carved back
Hand sculpted body
Easy access neck joint
Matching wooden headstock plate
5 piece African padouk / walnut neck from hand picked straight grained aged stock
Ebony finger board
Rounded fingerboard and with frets dressed inside the edges for a smooth, worn-in feel
Angled headstock strengthened with a volute
Adamovic bassbar pair, matching wooden cover

Ergonomically designed

The Dark is based on the Halo. It's perfectly balanced with no neck dive. additionally the X-ergo shaped back fits your body perfectly and makes the bass stay in your favorite playing position even if you let go of both of your hands. It also brings the strings and the right hand closer to the body for a more comfortable feeling.


With the ebony, walnut and African padouk you get a unique combination. The oily African padouk is one of the most stable woods and has a smooth feel. The walnut adds to a growly sound with a pronounced low end and the African padouk adds warmth and high end compression. Coupled with an ebony fingerboard which produces a clear articulate note definition you get a warm, growly, dark sound but with very articulate clear notes.


The Bassbar pick-ups are custom made to our specifications and produce a fat, warm but very clear tone throughout the sound spectrum; From articulate clear lows to singing trebles. Both the neck and the bridge pick-ups are carefully placed in a "sweet spot" to produce a versatile sound and enhance the natural sound of the woods.

Sound samples

The Dark 5-string 34"scale (played by Chip Shearin)
The dark 5-string 33" scale (played by Yusuke Koshino)
The Dark 5-string fretless 33" scale (played by Yusuke Koshino)

Ordering info

For a detailed feature list, possible options, pictures of available tops, direct pricing or to place an order please go to the pricing page.