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New Halo hollow body

We are proud to introduce our new Halo Hollow body bass.

The body is fully hollow just like a classical guitar. The only difference is that the sides are not bent but routed from a solid body piece and they are about 1/2" or 1,5 cm thick.
Because the sides are slightly thicker than on a traditional acoustic instrument (guitar or upright) the top can be rounded over for more comfort. The strings drive the top with the bridge that floats over the hollowed body, just like an acoustic guitar or upright bass. The loss of energy of the string driving the top is what contributes to that unique natural acoustic sound.

But what makes this design really unique is that the body is not thicker than an average bass and the back has our ergonomic X-ergo carving that fits the shape of the human body.

And like always everything is hand made without the use of computer or CNC machines!