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Bass for sale

September: Jupiter 4-string from 2009 for sale The bass is offered through our “Premium selection” used bass program :



New Dealer

March: We have a new dealer: Groovin' House. They are located in in Hong Kong and cater to the whole Hong Kong and China area. We are going to send some very cool basses to them soon. So be sure to check the Groovin'house site in a couple months!



Mini documentary

October: Gregor Fris from BassTheWorld made a small documantary about Adamovic. We gave him carte blanche and we are happy with the result. If you are interested in information behind the Adamovic basses you should watch the video. (please click on the picture)



New bass added to the Gallery

October: We added a new bass to the Halo Gallery. This bass is built for Toné Wellington (our new dealer in the USA) and features Swarovsky chrystals inlayed in the fingerboard and knobs as well as a very nice private collection flamed olive top.



New US Dealer

September: Toné Wellington is our new dealer (liaison) in the  USA , Washington DC area.



New basses added

August: For the first time we will post some stock basses that are still under construction up for sale on our web store.

This stunning Halo with full hollow body, spruce top, X-ergo carving is the first one.


New basses added

July: We added two more SuperNova basses to our SuperNova gallery

The first one is a lightweight (3,0 kg!!!), 33" scale 4-string featuring a rare carved burled teak top with a wenge fingerboard. The second is a 34,5"scaled 5-string with a mulberry top and fingerboard binding and a purpleheart pick-guard, sound layer and fingerboard.



New basses added

June: We added two more Halo's basses to our Halo gallery

The first one is a lightweight, 33" scale, narrow spaced 4-string featuring a beautiful burled poplar top with a dark and light colored zolernia fingerboard. The second is a 5-string with a very nice burled walnut top and purplehart and mulberry details.



New basses added

May: We added two more Jupiter basses to our Jupiter gallery

The first one is a 4-string featuring a tremolo (whammy bar) with a red and white chackte kok top, the second is a lightweight 33"scale 6-string Jupiter with a rare burled bastogne walnut top.




New basses added

May: We added two more Halo basses to our Halo gallery

The first one is a 6-string fretless featuring a beautifull red mallee burl, the second is a 33"scale 5-string halo with a nice olive top. They both have a zolernia fingerboard.




New bass added

May: We added a bass to our gallery

This bass features a nice light colored birdseye maple top. The back is walnut and the neck maple african padouk & wenge with zolernia fingerboard.


New bass added

April: We added a new bass to our gallery

This bass features an awesome and unique olive top with crotch figure. The back is swamp ash and the neck maple & wenge with zolernia top. The weight? Just 3,5 kg! ( 7.7lbs). We recently shipped this beauty to our customer in Spain.


The Dark

March: We are proud to introduce The Dark, the first of a series of concept basses!

The Dark was designed to be a versatile bass while having its own unique voicing. For The Dark we chose a combination of African padouk, walnut and ebony. This combination produces a warm, growly, dark sound but with very articulate clear notes that will cut through any mix. The Dark will feel right at home whether you play in a band setting, the studio or doing a solo performance. please klik on the picture below to go to The Dark page


New fingerboard option

January: We have added the beautiful bloodwood to our fingerboard option list. We have built and tested a couple basses with a bloodwood fingerboard and we like the sound. It is on the bright side of the sound spectrum. It is somewhere between maple and ebony, not the harsh metallic trebles of ebony and a better low end than maple. And the color is spectacular!!!


January: Bass Players United just posted an interview with Nikola Adamovic. Click on the logo below to check it out


Happy new year!!!


New Halo hollow body

December: We are proud to introduce our new Halo Hollow body bass. Please click on the picture below for more info:



Website update

We have been silent for a while with updating the website but that is because we were busy. There is a lot going on here at the Adamovic shop. First of all we have updated the bass pages. Just a cleaner look, hope you like it.

We are also proud to announce three new concept basses. We have been working on these concept basses for several years and the first concept will be introduced soon.

And last but not least we also have added a special edition section. Expect to see some more surprising basses in the near future in this section


New Saturn pictures

December: We have added pictures of a new Saturn bass. It's a 5-string, 35" scaled bass with a nice wenge top and mostly guariuba body and neck. Huge deep tone. Click the picture to see more!